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Steps for Changing Your Last Name in Texas

The big day came and went and it was even more beautiful than you could have hoped for as a bride. The honeymoon was glorious and much needed rest and relaxation. The thank you notes are written, stamped and in the mail. Now what? If you are considering changing your last name, use this easy guide to learn the steps for changing your last name due to marriage in the state of Texas.

There are a lot of paid services marketed to brides for ease of changing your name. While it might seem like a daunting task to change the name you have had your whole life, in every place imaginable, when you get down to it, the process isn't that bad. Time consuming? Well, that's another story. Here are a few of our expert tips for getting your name updated, as well as some helpful instructions and links for where to get started.

Expert Tip #1: Make a List of the Places You Need to Change Your Name

Create a game plan by making a checklist of all of the places you will need to change your name. Not only will this keep you organized so you know what you have completed off the list, but it will also help you plan out a logical order for the name change updates. There are some areas where you may want to change your name that may require a name change in another location before you are able to finalize the update, such as updating your Texas drivers license before your bank account.

Expert Tip #2: Apply for Multiple Copies of Your Marriage License

You will be asked to supply your marriage license in every place where you are updating your name. Some are lenient and a picture or copy will suffice, while others will request a certified original version, even having you mail it to them in some instances. It's a great idea to have an extra or two so you can send multiple off at once or in the event one gets lost, you have a back up version.

Top Places to Update Your Name

Some of the major places you will want to update your name include, in no particular order:

  • Social Security

  • DMV - Texas ID

  • Bank Accounts

  • Credit Cards

  • Passport

  • At Work

  • At the Doctor

  • Health Insurance


Changing Your Name on Your Social Security Card

Download and complete the application to update your full name. You will also need to submit documents verifying your identity and reason for the name change, such as your marriage license, birth certificate and passport. Documents can be brought to your local Social Security Office or the application can be mailed. The card will subsequently be sent to you via mail with your updated name and if you submitted any supporting documentation, this will also be included in the envelope.

Changing Your Name on Your Texas ID

Visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website to learn more about what is needed to update your Texas drivers license. You will need to visit your local office to provide documents such as your certified marriage license. I recommending bringing additional identity verification documents, including a birth certificate, just in case it would be needed. You don't want to be missing anything when you go and have to come back a second time. It's also always best to make an appointment if possible, as it can be tedious to sit around at the DMV.

Changing Your Name on Your Passport

Ready to jet set off with your spouse to somewhere new? Getting your passport updated is a must. It is best to visit the Department of State website to determine what application should be used for your specific name change. Dependent on when your passport will expire next or when it was recently renewed will dictate the applicable form. Once you identify the correct application to use, you will also need to plan to supply your old passport, updated passport photos and your certified marriage license.


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