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What's your bridal profile?

Newly engaged and starting to think about wedding planning? Have you been engaged for a little while and still trying to figure out what you want? Wondering where to get started wedding planning? Struggling to take the first step? Whether you were born for wedding planning or you're quickly finding out it's not for you, Happily Ever Houston Events helps couples throughout Texas and beyond with wedding planning, event design, destination wedding planning, month-of coordination and much more. Keep reading to find out your bridal profile and how we can help, no matter your bridal profile.

Bride Number 1: You're the visionary bride. You know what you like.

You might be in this category if you say yes to any of these:

  • You're creative and have a lot of ideas about how you envision your wedding

  • You're imaginative and have spent time thinking about what you want

  • You're very busy with work or life and don't have time to manage extensive details

  • You're more interested in the overall vision of your wedding than the execution

  • You're less interested in the planning and organizational elements

  • You're the idea person, but not the one focused on the small details

  • You want to have a fun, easy, relaxed engagement and lead up to your wedding

  • You've decided your budget for your wedding, but aren't sure how to allocate it

  • Reviewing contracts, receiving invoices and scheduling isn't something you enjoy

  • You've got the ideas, but aren't sure who to work with to make it all come together

How we help the visionary bride: Imagine how nice it would be to show up to your dream wedding without having to lift a finger. Give us your vision and creative direction and we'll take it from there! With monthly meetings, you'll be fully in control of the process, without having to hassle with the nitty gritty details yourself. Your weekends will be yours to spend with your fiance to enjoy your engagement and this special time. You'll get the dream wedding, without sacrificing your time or stress-level.

Bride Number 2: You're the undetermined bride. You aren't totally sure what you want yet.

You might be in this category if you say yes to any of these:

  • You're overwhelmed by the options available to you in planning your wedding

  • You're unsure of what options are available to you for the elements of your wedding

  • You're having trouble narrowing down your wedding style or vibe

  • You have some ideas, but you're not totally confident in your decisions

  • You keep changing your mind, rethinking your options, and then mulling it over more

  • You struggle firming up your final decision and pulling the trigger

  • You don't have vendors locked and loaded for the big day and aren't sure who to ask

  • You're wondering if the vendors you're talking to are reputable and a good choice

  • You're not sure what a realistic budget is for your wedding

  • You don't know what to prioritize or where to begin

How we help the undetermined bride: Imagine how nice it would be to be asked a series of questions to uncover your wedding style, then being provided with a short list of options within your style and budget. No need for endless hours scrolling through Pinterest identifying your wedding style or struggling to decide on the details. We'll help guide the planning process and ensure that you stay stress free! Your wedding will be a beautiful day to remember, even if you're just not quite sure what you want right now.

Bride Number 3: You're the meticulous bride. You know exactly what you want and are already planning every perfect detail.

You might be in this category if you say yes to any of these:

  • You are organized and detail oriented

  • You know exactly what you want for your wedding

  • You are loving planning your wedding - you were born for this!

  • You're assertive and not afraid to go after what you want

  • You're the visionary and the one executing to bring the vision to life

  • You're not afraid of the details and making the gameplan

  • You're the ultimate multitasker

  • You'd consider yourself to be a Type A

How we help the meticulous bride: Have you ever been to the doctor, been told something, and still pursued a second opinion? Have you ever had an assignment at work and had someone review your work before submitting to your boss? Have you ever test-driven multiple cars before finally buying?

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to delegate tasks to and for you to be operating the business as the CEO, not the data-entry rep? Even the most organized, detail oriented and multitasking-proficient bride might need a little help along the way. Having someone to take the load off your shoulders, can be helpful to allow you to enjoy your engagement and not be weighed down by the immense details. Maybe you've got an unbelievable vision for your big day, with elements that would wow any guest. How nice would it be to have someone to be your sounding board, hype-woman, and help you to take that vision to the next level?


Hi there, my name is Anne Marie, Owner and Managing Director of Happily Ever Houston Events. We offer a variety of services, including full-service wedding planning, partial wedding planning, month-of coordination, destination wedding planning, wedding consultant sessions, and the planning of other wedding related events like showers, engagements, rehearsal dinners and more. While our home base is in Houston, we also help brides in surrounding cities, from Galveston to Conroe and beyond. We also travel and love to help brides throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

At Happily Ever Houston Events, we plan unforgettable experiences for all of life's happily ever after events. Let's schedule a time to chat about your wedding and how we can help! Click the link below today to send us a message and we'll send you information about our packages. We can't wait to be part of your wedding planning journey and your big day!

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