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How to Protect Yourself from Hiring a Wedding Photographer Using AI Generated Photos for their Portfolio

Artificial intelligence (AI) is incredible technology that enables advanced and innovative functions for so many people across the world. ChatGPT and other AI tools are the way of the future, and for many, it's created a user-friendly and simple way to do tasks. AI has infiltrated almost every area of business, including the wedding industry. For couples looking to hire a talented photographer for your wedding, you need to know how to protect yourself from hiring a wedding photographer who might be using AI generated photos. AI generated photos are not a representation of the true quality of work, skill-level, or work ethic of individuals. While the images shown by a photographer may be aesthetically pleasing, it could lead to your disappointment in your photos of this one in a lifetime day.

Credit to The Vendor Table Podcast who just featured this topic on their platform, educating couples about the dangers of hiring a photographer with an AI generated portfolio. Watch their full episode here or keep reading for our quick tips.

This photo is AI generated! In just 30 seconds, I got a beautiful image...but it's not real.

So how do I protect myself?

  1. Always interview your potential photographer, ideally in-person or on a video call, but at a bare minimum you should schedule a phone call. Face-to-face interaction allows you to discuss their background and experience level in a conversational manner. Not only can you get a feel for their credibility, how long they've been photographing weddings, and their style, but you can also determine whether you enjoy working with this person. Afterall, you will probably have this person around your whole wedding day (6-12 hours), if not more - engagement shoot, rehearsal dinner, bridal portraits - so a call could ensure that the two of you vibe.

  2. Ask for a full gallery of images, or a sample of 10-15 photos from a wedding they have previously photographed. Bonus points for photographers who can even demonstrate their editing style by providing you raw, unedited images, and then showcasing the final product. By asking for a full gallery or at least 10 photos, you will likely be able to get a feel for their style and whether the images look manipulated or artificial.

  3. Read online reviews and don't be afraid to ask for references. Photographers with real couples and real images won't be afraid to share a reference from a previous happy client. There are so many online resources for verifying credibility in the wedding industry. A few ways that you can assess the street cred of your potential photographer is to read their Google reviews, look at their social media presence, and consider reading online or social media forums. We recently had a couple ask us for prior samples of work to ensure we were aligned for their style of wedding, and we were more than happy to provide this to them for peace of mind. It's important to make sure that your vendors are credible and can deliver on your style. Vendors should celebrate their wins and take the opportunity to showcase your talent, and not be offended if a couple is doing their research.

  4. Do a test photo shoot before your wedding day to ensure that the quality of work and experience meets your expectations. Consider hiring a photographer to take engagement photos for you prior to your wedding day. Not only will this ensure that you know what to expect in their images and style, but it will also likely make you feel more comfortable and get better photography on the wedding day.

In an age where technology is rapidly advancing, it's crucial to protect yourself, conduct research, and verify to safeguard your wedding day. Your wedding photos will be your cherished memories when the day is over and will be something you and your family look back on for years to come. Take these steps to protect yourself and secure a trustworthy photographer who can deliver real, authentic, high-quality images.

So, we leave you with a few additional AI generated wedding photos to show you how easy it is to create these images and mislead couples that this is your work.

Pro Tip: The easiest way to ensure you're working with a high-quality vendor in any category is to work with a wedding planner. It's a misconception that wedding planners break the bank, when in fact a wedding planner is likely to save you 10-20% of your overall wedding budget. Money aside, your enjoyment on your wedding day is the most important, so consider working with a planner for full or partial wedding planning to ensure a seamless experience.


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