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24 Fresh Bachelorette Party Themes for 2024

Brides, we're introducing 24 fresh bachelorette party themes for 2024 that promise to be anything but ordinary! If your Pinterest searches are coming up short and you're finding the themes a little tired, keep reading for our unique suggestions for your perfect bachelorette party theme. Because your bachelorette needs a theme as fun as you and your girls.

girls in swimsuits on bachelorette party with hands in air

The Last Disco

Bid farewell to the single life in a flurry of sequins under a shimmering disco ball. Pay homage to the disco era and get boozy and groovy with this theme.

disco balls

Texas Hold Em

This bachelorette party theme offers a fresh and exciting twist on the traditional "last rodeo" theme, infusing it with style and a dash of Beyonce flair. Your girls can channel their inner Sasha Fierce with this iconic theme. If you are doing your bachelorette in Texas, lean into this fun vibe with a chic cowgirl feel.


Bridal Barbie

Because why stay in the real world when you can be in Barbie world for a weekend? We're envisioning a pink paradise, where the bride and her bridesmaids can include pastel-colored cocktails, Barbie-inspired outfits, and memories to last a lifetime.

girl with green eyeshadow and glitter

Wellness Weekend

Press pause on wedding planning and go treat yourself with your best girls. Instead of a party weekend, you can enjoy a rejuvenating wellness weekend retreat. The itinerary could include spa treatments, Pilates, healthy gourmet meals, immersing yourself in nature, and focusing on some much-needed selfcare.

three women at spa in robes

Après Ski

If you're snow in love, then this theme is for you. You could take this theme two directions, as a cozy mountain weekend, or a glitzy, champagne-shower infused event fit for any fashion-minded bride.

ski resort

Camp Bachelorette

For the adventurous bride-to-be looking to embrace the great outdoors for a memorable getaway. Picture a picturesque lakeside campsite or glamping with your girls.

people camping with a campfire

Last Toast on the Coast

Brides looking for the coastal granny vibes, need a last toast on the coast theme. Perfect for the preppy bride, looking for the tranquil coastal vibes, with soft hues of blue.

beach path

Veuve Before Vows or Rendez Veuve

A playful nod to the bubbly Veuve Clicquot might be your perfect bachelorette theme. Picture lots of bright orange and pink color tones, and of course plenty of champagne. With the bright colors, this would make a great summertime theme, or the ideal theme for girls opting for a bachelorette party that includes visiting wineries.

veuve clicquot and pool and beach

Espresso Martinis

Why wouldn't you have a theme centered around the cocktail of the moment? You deserve a weekend with a theme that's as bold and energizing as you. The perfect blend of fun and sophisticated.

espresso martini with shaker

She's Tying the Knot

If you're a bow girly, this is your theme. With how popular bows are right now, this theme would be so timely and cute. Everything from hair bows, to decorations, can feature bows of any color scheme to fit your style.

girl with ponytail and pink bow

Lush Fur and Luxury

I have two words for you: Mob Wife. Lush fur, either real or faux, with statement jewelry, and pops of leather or animal print is the it-girl TikTok aesthetic. It's fun, it's a fad, and it will be gone in a second. If you're planning a bachelorette in the next few months, then hop on this trend before it's gone.

girl with fur hat

Garden Party

There are so many directions you could take this one. A few options include full floral vibes, garden high-tea Bridgerton feel, or eco-friendly for the conscious bride.

pink table with florals

Lucky in Love

You already hit the jackpot of love, so picture yourself with this casino-themed bachelorette. Whether your trip is to sin city or you're just sporting the theme, either way you've got luck on your side.

woman with green drink playing cards

Bikinis and Mexican Martinis

Ladies, it's time to soak up the sun and sip on some Mexican Martinis! The absolute perfect theme for brides doing a south-of-the-border soiree or an Austin themed bachelorette. This theme is a more modern twist on the fiesta-themed bachelorette party.

mexican martini with limes and shaker

Bach to the 90s

Take a trip down memory lane to the nostalgic 90s. We're thinking scrunchies, bright colors, and your favorite boy band tunes.

nostalgic girl listening to music

Last Splash

Make a splash with your "Last Splash!" Soak up the sun at a poolside resort or beach, surrounded by your closest friends and an array of tasty cocktails. There's nothing like some fun in the sun.

woman splashing hair in ocean

Denim and Diamonds

Shine bright like a diamond with this cool theme. Dazzle in your favorite denim, sparkled up with some dazzling jewels. A fusion of casual and glam, it's unique and it's different. You could take it directions like cowgirl or 90s, think Britney and Justin.

four women with red lipstick and denim jackets

Gold Rush

Anything goes here, as long as it's gold.

gold lights hanging

Lover Era

This one goes out to all of our Swifties. If you're in your bridal era, then channel your lover era with pastels, and romantic or vintage vibes. It can be whimsical, it can be fairytale, it can be all things Taylor Swift.

pastel sky with clouds

Watermelon Sugar

The irony of the unintentional placement of these two themes in consecutive order is not lost on us. Watermelon is the fruit of the summertime, and with summer just around the corner, this could make for a pretty sweet theme.

hand holding up watermelon against a blue sky

Til Death Do Us Party

For the goth girl. For the party girl. For the edgy, eerie-chic, bride. Create memories with your ladies and raise a toast to love, laughter and a lifetime of haunting happiness. This theme could be fun if that's your vibe, or if you're having an October bachelorette party.

women with skull dressed up scary

She Found Her Main Squeeze

A lemon-themed, vibrant citrus bachelorette is another great theme, as sunny as the bride-to-be. From the cocktails, to the outfits, to the decorations, this would be easy to stay within the theme and find a lot of cute options.


Something Blue

Like the phrase, something borrowed, something blue, picture a dreamy atmosphere with shades of blue for your elegant affair.



This would be such a fun idea for the bachelorette party in Georgia, and a twist on the popular song. For the bride who is as sweet as a Georgia peach, this would be a peachy-keen theme. Peach is a popular bridal color of the moment, so this would be a fun way to use it even pre-wedding, or a way to use it if you've already decided on another color scheme for your wedding.

peaches in wood basket

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