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5 Ways to Honor Loved Ones at Your Wedding Who Have Passed Away

Weddings are momentous occasions filled with joy and love, but they may also bring memories of deceased loved ones to the forefront of your mind. Honoring those who have passed can be a special tribute to their life and your relationship and there are many meaningful ways to honor them at your wedding or reception. In this blog post, we focused on highlighting five different ways to honor your loved ones, with some as private tributes and some for all of your guests to share in honoring on the day.

1. Bouquet Charm for the Bride or a Pocket Coin for the Groom

Honoring a loved one can be done in different ways, some publicly and some to hold near to your heart that are more private tributes. For the private person wanting to honor their loved one, a bouquet charm or pocket coin makes for a special way to carry their memory with you on your wedding day. Personalized options are plentiful on Etsy, with charms that contain a picture that can be treasured even after the wedding day as a keepsake. One delicate charm option for bridal bouquets can be personalized and purchased here or a photo pocket coin here.

2. Lighting a Memorial Candle in Memory of a Beautiful Life

A beautiful life deserving celebration can be remembered through the lighting of a memorial candle. This tribute can be expanded on to include a photo of the loved one nearby or a personal item that the person treasured or symbolized them as a person. During this candle lighting, guests can quietly share in a moment of silence or this is a time where a poem, religious passage or memory could be shared and read aloud.

3. A Bouquet of Her Favorite Flowers During the Ceremony

Similar to the lighting of a memorial candle, a bouquet can be a special tribute for a mother, grandmother, aunt or other passed female family member. Flowers can be incorporated in many different ways to remember a family member, from placing them in the bridal bouquet or a special memorial bouquet that can be placed somewhere during the ceremony.

4. Tribute Message in Ceremony Program or Wedding Speech

Was your loved one an avid reader and every time you hear of a specific author it reminds you of a book they loved? Perhaps there is a Bible verse or poem that encompasses who they were as a person or the values they stood for in their life. Any of these could be ideas for something to include in your wedding program or to read during the ceremony. If you are opting to remember a loved one at a reception, a funny memory or story that you cherish are always a guest favorite during a wedding toast or speech.

5. Placing a Reserved Seat at the Ceremony or Reception

A reserved seat in the front row at your ceremony will allow you to look out at your guests and see a dedicated spot with a remembrance picture or sign for your loved one. While they may not be present, their memory will carry on and reserving the place they would have been seated is a lovely tribute to them at either the ceremony or at the reception.


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